Monday, March 7, 2011

Gel Nail Polish

Recently, my salon told me about these new gel nail polish options that are being offered, where basically, your nails are painted with a Gel Polish, rather than a normal one, and will stay in tact for two weeks or more. It's a hard polish, almost like fake nails, but not quite, as they never apply the fake tips.

This weekend I tried the OPI Axxium Gel Polish for the first time, and oh my word, I love it! First things first, when you leave the salon, your nails are completely dry and intact. For a notorious smugger, this was huge for me!

Second of all, I really feel like you're getting more bang for your buck. To do the Axxium, I paid $12 more, but I know this polish will last a week or more longer than a normal manicure, which I love! I hate walking around with chipped polish, but oftentimes time slips away from me from removing my tattered manicure during the work week.

These are my nails as of Monday morning, after the Saturday afternoon manicure, still looking good! I chose the very deep purple shade, "Lincoln Park, After Dark," as I felt it would be the most versatile for outfits of all color schemes.

Have you tried any of the new gel polishes out there? What are your thoughts?


Kristi said...

I have never heard of gel nail polish, but am definitely going to be on the lookout. That would be perfect for me. My polish chips after the first day.

Anonymous said...

I think I posted about my gel nail polish experience. It lasted about 3 weeks and never chipped. It also prevented me from biting my nails because they were always so pretty looking. Then when I was ready to change out my color all I did was just paint over it because I wasn't ready to go completely without them. The nail polish remover didn't mess them up after a second color coat. The gel nail polish was still perfect as before. The only way to remove them is soaking them in acetone.

Ann said...

Wow, those sound AWESOME!! I'd love to try the gel polish!!

Ruby Leigh said...

wow - looks great, I am going to totally check that out. I love getting manicures, but half the reason I don't do it more often is it feels a little futile. This would definetly lessen that.