Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weight Loss Update

An update from my weigh in last Friday, just a few days late, due to, what else? Craziness! Here's where I stand weight wise:

-1.2 Pounds
Current Weight: 162.6 lb

I was so happy to see a loss this week, there were some days that were great and right on track, and others where I really used my weekly extra points to the max. I really need to stick to foods that are naturally gluten free, and not use gluten free substitute foods too much because of how high in carbs and calories they are. Sometimes these products save me, and sometimes they are my worst enemy. 

This past weekend we went to Raleigh to visit my husband's sister, her husband and their 20 month old daughter, and had a great time watching she and our little guy interact.

Cousin Love
Ben's sister used Weight Watchers while losing weight from her first pregnancy, hit her goal weight, and now looks fantastic with this second pregnancy. Being that she's been in my shoes, it was great to visit them and not completely derail my diet (or at all really). For dinner Saturday she made turkey burgers and sauteed broccoli, and we also went to the gym Saturday morning where she walked on the treadmill and I walk/ran for 25 minutes. It was a great time to get away and get my workout in while the dads hung out with the kids. 

For breakfast Sunday we walked to Panera and I finally tried out Panera's Hidden Menu that I had heard about through a Hungry Girl e-mail. Let me tell you, it's awesome! Easy on the points, easily gluten free, high in protein to keep you full, and tastes great. I had the Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Turkey (five points), and my Sister-in-law had the Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak (six points). This menu makes me want to frequent Panera even more. I'd like to try the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad next time I go for lunch.

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