Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Post Baby 5K!

This weekend I took on my first race since having my little guy. Running has been a challenge, but I'm signed up for a half-marathon at the end of April, and have been slowly, but surely trying to build up my distance, and I figured scheduling a 5K race would help with my motivation.

This morning was chily! In the 20's, but crept into the 30's during the race and quickly felt great as my friend Lynne and I took on the race.

Lynne made the 3.1 miles go by much faster as we chatted, and the last little bit of the race made me realize how much more I need to hill train as well.

I'm debating whether I should schedule a 10K race for the beginning of March to help with my training as well, but don't want to throw money around on race fees. If you have any 10K recommendations in the DC area, I'd love to hear them!

The race today was run on paved trails, so Ben and Austin (and Cooper) couldn't really spectate, but saw me off at the starting line, but retreated to the car after a bit because of the cold, and then ended up doing a few block car ride around the time I was finishing because Austin was fussing from being in his seat for so long.

This week, I've been on a quinoa kick for recipes that I've made ahead including Skinny Taste's Quinoa Salad (five points a serving) and Iowa Girl Eats Quinoa Quiche (made with half the cheese, two points).  Since the Quinoa salad had two of the main ingredients in my guacamole, I made that as well, and am going to be enjoying it on various items the next few days.

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