Thursday, May 19, 2011

Preparing for a Big Race

This weekend, I'm running the Fargo Half-Marathon, and Go Far Challenge, which means, I'm running a 5K Friday night, and a half Saturday morning. When my friend Megan, who lives in Grand Forks, and I decided to meet up at this race, she told me about the Go Far Challenge and I thought, "Super! Sounds so fun!" Was I crazy or something?! Did I not remember in my winter, just running to keep in shape lulls how sore I can be during training season? Oy! But anyway, this weekend, that is on my to do list.

Speaking of to do lists, I always have a list of things to check off before a race, especially an out of town one. Things like:
  • Charge the iPod
  • Charge the Garmin
  • Figure out packet pick up time
  • Determine race day outfit
Especially for traveling to races, I think it's important to have a back up outfit ready. If I hadn't brought a warmer, back up outfit for the La Crosse half three weeks ago, I would have froze my butt off.

La Crosse Half, 10 Mile Mark

Those shorts may make me look as wide as the Mississippi River, but if it weren't for them, those long tights and the headband over my ears, I would have been one cold cookie in 40 degree temps with lots of cold wind.

However, one of the most important pre-race to do's, is to get a kick ass manicure.

Today, I did just that, getting these rocking hot pink nails. I don't wear make up or wear jewelery while I run, both annoy me, but I love to have some fun nails to show off when I don't need gloves over my hands for races. The ritual gets me psyched up, and helps me pick out fun race outfits to try and coordinate with the nails.

Oh, one more thing, also equally important on the POST race to do list, a pedicure! Anyone who has to see your feet that next week will thank you!


Kristi said...

Wow... I can't believe your running a 5k and than a half the next day. Your awesome!!!

Neil said...

And I thought I was the only one that did the mani/fun nail color pre-race! xoxo

Katy said...

Ooops!! Neil = Katy. He must have been logged into his account on my computer. (Probably pretty obvious as he would not get a mani before any of his races!!)

MommytoZoeandAva said...

I love it! When I clicked over to read this I was ready to read something about handling race day "stomach issues" or something of the like! I love the idea of the manicure - might have to borrow that for my next one! I am in awe of you running both races back to back! You are always my running inspiration! Rock those nails this weekend!

Mary said...

Good luck and have fun! We need brunch again soon!