Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Power Yoga Event

I feel pretty lucky tonight. Somehow, I got on a list for these Minnesota Blog Pantry events that happen every so often around the Twin Cities with bloggers like myself, and tonight's event was at the Life Power Yoga Studio in Uptown Minneapolis that opened about six months ago.

We were pampered with fruity waters, wine, and this delicious spread:

Sarah and I are ready for a girls night of fun!

We were also pampered with mini spa services, and I opted for a massage and facial.

My esthetician left my face feeling renewed post facial, even with just her mini treatment. She also reminded me of how important an SPF in your daily moisturizer is, because apparently I have some drying and age spots on my forehead--say what?! Yeah, that was a wake up call to load on the SPF and stay out of the sun!

Anyway, we had a choice of manicure or pedicure if we wanted as well, Jen took them up on making her feet beautiful!

Jen's pedicured toes
(My friend Emily is squirming in front of a computer somewhere right now looking at feet!)

We also talked blogger strategy, the main reason we're there. My friend Jen, spoke about the success she's having with Prior Fat Girl, and we all shared ways that we use our blog to enrich our lives, and how to make sure we keep don't deter from the message we want our blog to give readers. (Hmmm.... so what's MY message? ;)

Suzi, Liz and Jen discuss

The night wrapped up with a restorative yoga class, that, unlike regular yoga, is more of a seated, relaxing yoga, where you truly only concentrate on your breathing solo, not your breathing through as many movements. Although I had to leave the class early, it was a great time to relax and reflect, something not a lot of us take time for.

Jen, Anna (and baby), Suzi and I can't contain our laughter before yoga class

I LOVED this event, and would highly recommend coming here for spa services, or for a yoga class. I'm a regular Lifetime Fitness member, but this place is strictly yoga, and will probably help advance your yoga practice if that's what you're looking to do. It's a great location, and if you're worried about parking, don't worry, they validate. =)


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Pretty sure we should get together for events like this weekly -- ahhh, if only we had the time!

um...does my foot look too big for the flip-flops? Apparently I need lessons in how to buy flip-flops.

Crystal said...

I LOVE that the event included a workout. I need more events that incorporate both social and exercise time and was SO bummed that I had class last night.

Yoga Teacher Training said...

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Mellissa said...

It was nice to see you again. We need more events like this, a nice event to look forward to.