Sunday, May 8, 2011

Perfect Morning to Run & Eat

This Saturday was one of those days that reminds me why I put up with the weather I do in Minnesota. I love the four seasons, but I've been anxiously anticipating the summer/spring season, as winter has outworn it's welcome.

This Saturday I met a few people from the 10K clinic I helped lead to do our 10K "race" around the nearby lakes and enjoy a victory breakfast afterward. Besides having to pry a piece of beer bottle out of the sole of my shoe and slicing open my finger, the run was great!

Sunny, and almost too hot, I wished I would have worn a tank top instead of short sleeves. It was in the high 60's when we finished our run, and I had a sunburn on my arms to prove it.

Then we went to nearby Barbette for a delicious, and very affordable breakfast on their patio (ie sidewalk).

The Runners: Hannah, Me, Kristie & Connie

Barbette is known for their French Fries, and after how delicious their breakfast was, I can't wait to try their fries. I had the organic eggs with their Rosti Potatoes, slathered in ketchup. Their Rosti Potatoes are not like regular hash browns, they add seasonings and onions (but not big enough to crunch) making them flavorful and the perfect amount crispy.

All this, for $5.25!

This weekend's weather was an improvement from the La Crosse Half-Marathon last week (where I got a PR time of 2:36:11, thank you very much!) where it was windy, in the 40's with some sun. I hope this weather pattern continues for the next few weekends, especially in two weeks when I run the Fargo Half-Marathon and Go Far Challenge!

Did you have great weather in your neck of the woods this weekend? What did you all do?

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