Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Cush Update

In a few short days, my gorgeous little man will be seven months old, seven months old! I can hardly even believe it. I can't imagine life without him, but I also feel like he was just this little ball of an infant, curled up in my arms.

Everyday is a new adventure for him, he can almost sit up on his own, and is now in love with his new exersaucer.

 Also, I write a lot about what I eat, but now Austin is developing a pallet of his own as he eats more and more foods beyond his former straight milk diet. My friend Sarah recently wrote a post about what her daughter Lola eats, and I thought it would be fun to write about my little guy's expanding tastes. He is now eating two "solid" food meals a day, and the best part of my day is feeding him. Austin finds such a joy and excitement in food, that it's so fun to watch him open his mouth in anticipation for each bite and reach out for food.

As a house hold with two full-time working parents, we do not have the time to make my own baby food (and not just because we work, I know a lot of parents who stay home who don't have time for this either). I depend on packages of it mainly, and then also add in other things like mashed banana, yogurt, pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc.

Austin's favorite food by far is Yo Baby Yogurt. A half carton is the perfect addition to his lunch or dinner, and he LOVES it! Ben is a big yogurt eater (a carton of key lime yogurt in his lunch, everyday--not sure how that doesn't get old!). Austin's least favorite foods are carrots and avocados, and he gets a rash on his face and neck from sweet potatoes. So all of those foods are currently not part of his diet.

He is also learning to feed himself more with Puffs and Mum Mum Crackers.

Mmmm, Mum Mum Cracker
I am so lucky, Austin loves almost all foods, and is a natural eater. We literally have to hide bottles from him until it's time to eat, or he will freak out with a happy dance, and making monkey like sounds of, "oooo, oooo" when he sees it because he is so excited to eat. He even gets jealous over other kids bottles at daycare, even if he's just eaten. This kid has no off switch!

Loving his bottle with Dad and Cooper

I also can't speak highly enough about the highchair we chose, the Boon Flair Pedestal. It's so nice to be able to wheel around from place to place in our house, and clean up is easy as well. I highly recommend it!

And what have I been eating? I've been mixing up new and old recipes lately, including:
I have a great Give Away coming up on my next post from a vendor I love to use, so stay tuned!
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