Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

I've always felt Mother's Day was kind of a sham. My mom never got into it, and I guess it rubbed off on me. I think it's funny when people treat it like a real holiday, as if it's Christmas or Easter. I never understood when people couldn't get together because they had to celebrate Mother's Day.

The weird thing is, I'm fiercely sentimental and emotional about many things. There are random times I get misty eyed just looking at Austin and realizing how much he's grown, or that these moments with him as a baby slip by so quickly. But Mother's Day, brings out nothing. I think because it's forced emotion, not that kind that occurs naturally, but something you're supposed to apparently feel on this Sunday in May.

Honestly, I feel like everyday is Mother's Day. I don't need flowers, brunch or jewelery to feel appreciated as a mom (and wife). I'm so lucky just to be a mom, that I don't think there needs to be a day to celebrate it.

That said, Ben listened to my request to do nothing, and treat it like any other day, and oh was it ever.

We started the day out as any other weekend, we went for a nice family walk.

Two Boys Ready to Walk

Then, we had to tackle a mystery smell from our garage. That's right, that's what happened on my first Mother's Day, I went after a nasty stink coming from our garage.

When I say nasty, you have to know, it was beyond awful, it was gag worthy, and I did gag a few times. Yesterday, I thought it was the garbage, so I cleaned out the garbage cans and recycling bin, thinking it could be something that spilled in there.

This morning, the smell was worse than ever, and spilling into the house, and I said to Ben, "I think something is dead out there."

And after some investigation in the garage, I spotted something, poop. Small animal poop. Yup, something was surely dead in our garage.

At some point, we decided to pull out the refrigerator in the back of our garage, thinking it could be coming from there. Fridge pulled out, but nothing to be found, then Ben said, "It smells like it's inside the fridge."

I started pulling up the bottom flaps that cover the electrical coils on the back of the fridge with my foot and suddenly, there it was... a huge, dead rat. The creature had obviously been electrocuted and it's huge eyes were staring out at me!!

When I saw it, I ran out of our garage screaming. A couple neighbors came over to see what was up after I went screeching into our driveway and I showed them the dead vermin.

In the best Mother's Day gift a man could give, Ben grabbed a couple garage bags, and he graciously pulled the rat out from the refrigerator himself and got rid of it. Thank goodness, because there was no way I could touch that thing, even with layers protecting my hand, bleh.

So there we go, that was my first Mother's Day.

I'm hoping Father's Day doesn't involve hitting a skunk with the car or something.

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AP said...

I once was ordered to find the source of a horrible smell in our cabin. It turned out to be a rotting bag of potatoes, covered in maggots. I tried to refuse disposing of it being my awful stepmom had left it there but couldn't get out of it. That's just one of many reasons I don't care to celebrate Mother's day! :) Hope you guys don't have any residual odor. I think I'd want to toss that fridge.