Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness!!

-0.8 Pounds
Current Weight: 159.4 lb

Two week update! Let me tell you, I'm happy to see the 150's, soooooooo happy. 

Last week, I was actually 159.2, but with the week I've had this week, I'll take the only .2 pound gain. Because, as much as I want to lose this weight to be healthy and feel good, it's good to remember your body is here for a purpose and some days that purpose isn't getting in a workout, and some days you just have to make it through and a few cookies are the thing that help you do it. 

And that  you can't obsess over every piece of food you eat, because at the end of this life, no one is going to remember if I took an extra two months to lose the last five pounds of baby weight, but I'll remember the experiences I shared with my little family during this time.

That said, with swimming lessons starting for Austin in May, both Ben and I are hoping to be down at least another five pounds by then to feel more comfortable getting into bathing suits (Side note: I need to buy a new one piece suit. I've seen some Speedos at Costco for a good deal, but maybe just a cheap one from Old Navy??). Ben is doing weight watchers with me, and down about eleven pounds himself, go Ben!

Honestly once the first day of lessons arrives though, I think our self consciousness will go out the window. as we'll be dealing with the madness of getting a little guy, plus ourselves, ready for lessons in a locker room,  and we'll only be focused on the task at hand. I am so, SO excited to get Austin the pool, as he's already a water loving maniac in the bathtub at home.

Another big victory for me today was putting on a pair of per-pregnancy jeans. Yes, they're loaded with stretch, and I may feel like a stuffed sausage by 3:00 p.m., but I did it!

Rocking the jeans and both Austin and I rocking our Gopher gear to cheer on the U of M against UCLA in the big dance tonight. Tomorrow, we'll switch it up into Gonzaga gear for Dad's team.

Speaking of Minnesota, we have visitors here this weekend, and we're taking a shopping trip in Georgetown at some point. I'm already pumped to get a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake (who has a lot of new gluten free varieties!) or Sprinkles. Whoever has the shortest line (I'm guessing Sprinkles).

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