Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuff Butt April

 First off, Weight Check:

-1.4 Pounds
Current Weight: 158.0 lb

I'm officially at a lower weight then when we moved to Virginia and I was tipping the scales of unhealthiness. The thing is, I still feel bigger than I did then because having a baby has changed my body so much. It's insane what this "natural" process did to the structure of my body. 

We'll see if that 158 stands after an eating filled weekend for Easter (candied bacon pancakes at brunch, enough said).
There is no doubt about it, this April is nuts for some reason. Ben and I have something planned nearly every weekend, and that, plus normal life, will make for a fun month.

Two things on tap: The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile and Nike Women's Half-Marathon. I am very nervous and excited about these races. My first long distances in quite some time, and training has been less than ideal because of life happening, but I've made it out nearly every weekend for a longer run, and done at least one other workout during the week whether it's running, strength training or elliptical.  My longest run was 7.5 miles this past weekend.

That said, I've decided to adopt this calendar for April for some simple strength training that even those with hectic schedules can fit in.

Tuff Butt April, and I need it!  Iowa Girl Eats had it listed on one of her Friday Favorites as a workout, and I thought, why not? My friend Ashley is doing it as well, so we've promised to hold each other accountable.

This month, we're also headed to the Midwest for a quick weekend with family, which I'm really excited about. I've been getting a bit antsy, and I think the getaway will be great for all of us.

Yesterday, I had an amazing trip to Trader Joes that you can only have at that quirky little store. Where you find things that are random gems to spice up your diet. So, coming soon, the common blogger post of, "What I buy at Trader Joes." Get Excited. =)

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