Monday, March 11, 2013

On the Verge of the 150's

-3.6 Pounds
Current Weight: 160.2 lb

This is a two weeks update, as I missed last week, not because I had a gain and didn't want to post (the opposite actually happened), but because I've just been so darn busy. Over the past two weeks I've lost 3.6 pounds, and couldn't be happier. Last week, I was surprised to see a .4 pound weight loss, since the week before I had lost 3.2 pounds, but something was working in my favor. 

I'm hoping to see the 150's when I weigh in this Friday, but we shall see. Baby Cush and I are both suffering from minor head colds that irritate us more when we're trying to sleep. I got in a run Saturday, while Ben walked with the little guy on the trails, of 3.2 miles, then walked another mile with them. 

Disappointing, as the last two weeks I've had invigorating runs on Saturdays, and this weekend my goal was to do five miles that day as I train for my Ten Mile and Half Marathon, but it wasn't going to happen with how I felt, even with gorgeous, 50 degree and sunny weather. Next week, I've committed to run six miles with Lynn to make sure I get it in, even if she has to drag me down the trail.

What's really saving my ass I believe, is meal planning. I pack my lunch nearly every day for work, and create lists for the grocery store based on meals I want to make. Plus, I have the best grocery shopping assistant!

He's become obsessed with holding things, so while navigating Trader Joes just him and I this weekend, and little room in the cart because of his car seat, I thought, "Why not let him check out the goat cheese and polenta?" He was eager to explore, and he'll be a little foodie before we know it, as he tried his first "solid" food with Oatmeal this weekend as well.

The above ingredients, helped add to this dish:

Polenta, Goat Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage and Red Sauce, 7 Points Plus

In my usual fashion, I made a double batch of what I made for dinner last night, with a portion for lunch the next day to help make eating healthy and affordable at lunch easier. I have the attitude now that if I'm putting in the effort to cook, it has to be a portion for more than one meal. 

This was SO good, and pretty easy. I think I'll make it again later this week. I use the term "easy" pretty loosely, because meals that some people call easy, now that I'm working and parenting full time, are NOT easy at all on weeknights.

I'd love to hear others easy recipes, however, as I'm always looking to spice up my selection. I think I've started to reach my limit on eating soups and chili's that I make large batches of and freeze. 

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emily (a nutritionist eats) said...

Your little guy is SO cute!!! I love that meal idea, I rely on TJ's for sausage + marinara meals, but I've never thought of putting polenta on it!