Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back on the Running Wagon

Since I moved here, my running has been spotty, a few miles here, a few miles there. I had been training for the Twin Cities marathon and the Nike Women's Half Marathon in October, but due to lack of time to train during the move, and lack of time off to take from work having just started a new role, I had to defer on both races. I love to run, and had been really missing the miles I would put in.

Although, I had found a great running buddy in Lynne, who was training for the Marine Corp Marathon. She and I ran about once a week for a few miles and like with most running buddies, have become fast friends as we talk about anything and everything while the miles pass. She's now moving to North Carolina, but assures me she'll be back for races and runs frequently; I'll miss you Lynne!!

Anyway, after some hiatus, I did a few shorter distance races recently, including a five mile last month with my co-worker Christine in Chevy Chase. Her and I had a good time, despite some hills on the course.

Ok, we had a great time, at least when the race photographers caught us anyway

This past weekend, I ran a 10K in DC with my friend Kristin. Both races went well, felt good (despite the beginnings where I thought, "was this REALLY a good idea?") and have me jazzed up to keep running.
Kristin and I pre-race

Therefore, if you haven't looked to the right on my blog recently that shows what race I'm training for--check it out! I've signed up for the Rock and Roll National Half March 17th!! I am SO excited for this race. Lynne and Beth will also be running it, and my friend Katy from Denver (who I went to visit last January if you remember right) will be coming to run it as well.

I'm so excited to have this goal, as the last half I ran was the Fargo Half last May, and to enjoy the milder winter running weather out here.

I've also joined a distance running group to help hold me accountable, and to have a group to run so I won't be running alone in the dark on the shorter days.

Speaking of dark, I also invested in my first head lamp for this winter. The trails here aren't as well lit as the lakes in Minnesota, so I'll need the headlamp, even when running with the group.
I'm also planning to do a small Turkey Trot 5K near our place for Thanksgiving this year, and can't wait!

What is your next race? Better yet, what's your next big goal, fitness related or not?


Ann said...

I was just thinking about you the other day - I'm so glad you've continued to run!! You were one of my first inspirations and motivators to start running!!!

I'll be doing the Thanksgiving 5k, and then preparing for Get In Gear half in April and TC Marathon next October!!

Ruby Leigh said...

Ann, totally will be seeing you in the the Get-in-Gear Half. I had to forfeit last year due to injury.

Post marathon, I've had trouble getting into the swing of things, luckily I recently found a winter running buddy who will hold me accountable.

Looking way to the future. I would like to do one of the big 5 marathons. Probably Boston or London.

Beth @ Beth's Journey said...

Yay I'm so excited you actually signed up for the half!!! That's my next race, for now, but I want to find another one to run before then!

Lynne said...

I will be back - you can't get rid of me that easily ;).

Can't wait to see you at the 5K on Thanksgiving!