Monday, January 17, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

This past weekend I went to Denver to visit my old running pal Katy. I've mentioned her before, she moved there this past August with her husband. She told me I always had an open invitation to visit, so with cheap plane tickets, and since I've never been there before, I was more than ready to head out-- bet she never thought I'd really take her up on the deal!

Saturday morning, we did what we do best, and ran a five mile race in a near by suburb, it was a great gravel trail that felt good on my joints, and it was the perfect temperatures for running, high 30's.

Around Mile Two

Katy had to educate me, that with the elevation and the hot sun, 30's there were different from Minnesota, and she was right. I wore two long sleeve shirts, a capri skort and a headband and it was perfect.

Post Race Glow

Katy and I did SO many fun things in the 48 hours I was in Denver, and I won't bore you with all the details, but by far the best, was going to the original Chipotle near the Denver University campus.

1644 East Evans, Denver, Colorado

We had worked up an appetite after running, so we went there Saturday afternoon, and I immediately started snapping pictures of the little space that started it all. The friendly staff offered to take us on a tour of the restaurant, when they saw how excited I was about being there, and before we knew it, we were climbing down a narrow metal stairway, into the low ceiling basement that started the burrito phenomenon.

The basement office where Chipotle was born

It was great to see the manager who showed us around be so enthusiastic about his employer and what he does, and tell us how well they treat their employees.

The best part of the visit was that people who are obvious Chipotle fanatics like us, then get to sign the wall downstairs where so many other fans, the CEO, and the original employees signed.

Leaving my mark at the first Chipotle

Also, the manager then told us, that because we made that special visit to the Flagship Restaurant, and were versed in the company history, we were now part of an elite Chipotle fan club, and got these shirts that only people who tour the restaurant get to mark our trip.

The shirts say, "I made the pilgrimage to Evans" (the street the original Chipotle is on).

The weekend wrapped up with shopping, more great food, and watching a Packer victory on Katy and her husband's amazing TV (seriously, 60 inches, LED--does it get much better?) I had such a great time, and can't wait for Katy and Jon to come back this summer so Katy and I can run together again!

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