Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cheap and Easy (Recipe) & A Fashion Dilemma

If you're looking for an easy, affordable meal that makes delicious leftovers, boy do I have it for you today (I could write promotions for TV!). I am absolutely in love with Martha Stewart's Tortilla Soup with Black Beans.

I found this recipe a year or so ago, and it's become a favorite in our house. It costs roughly $8-$10 to make a whole pot of it, it takes about $15 minutes to make, and most of that time is just letting the ingredients boil, and it feeds Ben and I two bowls each usually, and still leaves three more bowls to be frozen for quick meals and lunches in the future. Because of the low sodium chicken broth, the soup isn't very salty, and the crushed chips on top add the perfect amount of salt. If you wanted to make it vegetarian, you could use Vegetable Stock, or if you wanted to make it more hardy, I'm sure you could add shredded chicken.

In my fashion obsession news, I've got pieces I'm currently obsessing over from Nordstrom. Here is my thing, I'm always looking for something new, fresh and better fashion wise, and it can be totally great, or it can be totally awful when I'm hankering for things I cannot afford. Take this super cute headband, it's $38, which for a headband, seems ridiculous, but my goodness, is that cute.
Or, this top that would totally flattering on my figure, and would be a great outfit all on it's own with skinny jeans and boots.


So, yes, look at my first world problems, I want a shirt that hides my bad parts and a sparkly overpriced headband, but know I shouldn't spend the money. Poor me, cry, cry cry.

My point IS, I found this little ditty recently through #stylechat on Twitter, Fabuliss. Basically the owner, Sasha, will come to your home, help you find outfits, styles and fashion within your own closet, she helps you utilize and organize what you have. Sasha gives style tips, outfit ideas, based on what you have within your closet, to get that idea out of your head that gets a person spending in the first place, "I have nothing to wear."

Of course, no business is for free though, and a two hour closet consultation is $200... yikes. But, if it helps me spend less, than isn't this a good thing?! This is the rationale I'm going to have to discuss with my husband. And frankly, even if I was a single girl, I'd be mulling this over, so this isn't a "my husband controls my money" issue, no, no, no.

What do you think?

Is a closet consultation worth $200 if it helps you utilize clothes, shoes & accessories you already have? Do you think it will really stop a person from spending as much on new clothes? Ultimately, will you get a return on your $200 investment?

Leave your comments below, I'd LOVE to hear them!

Right about now, I wish I wore a uniform to work, then I wouldn't have to deal with this! :p


Sam said...

I'll do that for free for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it, Alexa! A professional closet consultation will net you an opinion you may not get from family & friends - an objective one. While I can't guarantee that you'll never feel the urge to shop again, a professional like me will help you focus how you look at color and fit. Thanks for your consideration, blogging about it and best of luck with your decision.

--Sasha Westin, Fabuliss

Addy said...

Unless she promises to do a follow up consultation in 2 months when I feel tired of my wardrobe again I would take the $200 and spend it on a few pieces that will liven up my existing wardrobe (a cute scarf, a new pair of shoes, a headband, some earrings, etc.).

Leah said...

Alexa! I LOVE THAT HEADBAND. have you checked out JCrew? They have some really cute ones. Also, Macy's (Jessica Simpson) has a similar that's usually on sale for $10. I've been swooning over it for a few weeks now.

As far as the closet consultation, I think it's a great idea. Sometimes having someone else's eye is beneficial. She can see things you might miss and can offer suggestions. I think it's an amazing idea. Go for it, and report back to us. Maybe she'll give you a little deal for posting on your blog or referring others? :)

Ann said...

I recently cleaned out my closet of everything that was too big, and I spent HOURS trying on everything and making combinations of outfits, stuff I haven't worn in years!!

darcie said...

(hello! behind in your reader much?)

The main issue I have isn't so much the $200 - but that I truly believe that she would come right into my closet and throw EVERYTHING away - gasping at the throught of me wearing those clothes...

I NEVER buy myself anything new to wear - much less something that fits and is flattering...
If you've got a great selection - I say go for it - have her come in and help you make the best of it!