Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wedding Planner

This was SUCH a great weekend. You'd think I'd be having vacation let down after getting back from SF, but not here!

To start, I was able to attend the "One Bite, One Decision" get together put on by Jen over at Prior Fat Girl.

Jen, who organized the event

The event was a lot of fun, and provided some great resources. First off, Stacy from Kitchenwerks talked to us about grocery shopping, how to read nutrition labels and making the right choices. What shocked me most about her presentation, was when she showed how much sugar people can eat without even noticing. She said that for every four grams of carbs in an item, equals 1 teaspoon of sugar, and that adds up fast!!

Processed CRAP!

Also, Mary Langfield, who is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, joined us to talk about self image and why we're always looking at the worst in ourselves! I mean seriously, don't we?? I made myself change just that morning before the event, because I thought my arms looked like sausages stuffed in casings in the shirt I had planned to wear. Anyway, Mary spoke about how emotions like this are a reason a lot of people have an unhealthy relationship with food and lead to binges, unbalances diets, etc.

We also received a great goody bag before we left the event with items designed to help us on our healthiness journey. I'm so excited about them!

Apparently Cooper was too!

The remainder of Saturday, I had the pleasure of coordinating Chris and Kaitlin's wedding at Pracna at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis. If you remember, I have a side business doing event planning, called Events by Alexa. The website is a work in progress, but the business is full speed ahead!

As you can see by the pictures above, they're a fabulous and fun couple. Chris and I worked together at the University of Minnesota, he was really the only friend I made while working there, and I'm so glad we've kept in touch! Now, meeting Kaitlin, she's just as fabulous, so I knew their wedding would be great.

Their wedding was so personal, I loved it! From their unique photobooth with props, to delicious cupcakes from Cake Eater Bakery, and having it in the Northeast Neighborhood of Minneapolis, that they love so much.

Also, Kaitlin had a very distinct vision of masses of various sized candles adorning their tables in the dining room. I was a bit nervous about executing her vision exactly how she wanted it, but she loved it, and I thought it looked beautiful!

Also, one of the guests kept referring to me as "Fronk" like the Wedding Coordinator Martin Short played in Father of the Bride, soooo funny! They had a great crowd of family and friends too. =)

So, like I said, all in all, a great weekend!!

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