Sunday, April 11, 2010

She's Out Of My League!!

What a great weekend it's been! I'm starting to feel like, maybe, just maybe, spring is actually here and there won't be anymore snow or wiping winds, can't speak too soon though!

This weekend we didn't have a lot planned, but still ended up doing a lot of stuff, I love weekends like this.

Last night, tried out a new restaurant I had heard good reviews of called Piccolo in Minneapolis. As I've stated before, I'm all about trying new restaurants lately. Well, Piccolo describes on their website that they have "moderate" portions, moderate?? moderate?? I don't think my dog could get full off one portion of their food. Ben and I each ordered the gnocchi, and when the server said, "OK, gnocchi to start?" as his response we both were a bit puzzled, but then figured it out when five, that's right FIVE gnocchi showed up on our plate. Don't get me wrong, the gnocchi was delicious, it came with a wonderful pistachio sauce, but it wasn't near enough to get me full. So, I ordered a piece of cheesecake the size of a saltine and been ordered some pork the size of a golf ball, again, tasted great, but we got more full off the bread basket (and I think they figured it out when they refilled it for a third time), then the regular meal. Moral of the story, we ended up getting sandwiches at Fusion (formally Zeno) in Uptown afterward. If you haven't checked out their remodel, do it! We sat in the lounge on comfortable couches and it was great.

Today Ben and I really decided to soak up the day together. Things have been so busy lately, we haven't had many days like this. We started out the day taking Cooper to the park by our house, and then went to an area coffee shop and enjoyed their deck, and their waffles. Lazy Sundays like today where we can do this are just perfect. This picture isn't too great with the sun, but you can see a delicious waffle and a happy Cooper.
We wrapped up today by going to see, "She's Out of My League" down at Block E (p.s. why is everything closing in there!?!). Oh MAN, this movie was funny. Two thumbs WAY up! I don't know why this hasn't done better at the box office.
Through pretty much the whole last 10 minutes of this movie, I could not stop laughing-- good thing there were only three other people besides us in the theater and two of them were too busy making out to even know what was going on. There are some classic one liners in this movie, if you can still find it in a theater, check it out!

Did I forget to mention I got in a 7+ mile run this weekend, woo hoo! Ran the green way to the new Twins stadium and back and determined I should start riding my bike to work some this summer, it's so easy! I wish I would have taken a picture on the run, but I didn't, so I promise to on the next long run.

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loveofbreakfast said...

hi from another minneapolis blogger! found you from Mellissa's site. Hope you enjoy your muffins :)