Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to make a Chick Flick

Are you a sucker for chick flicks? (I'm raising my hand here). Do you sob over Nicholas Sparks novels? (I've only read A Walk to Remember, but it made me misty). Then you MUST check this out. A guy at work sent this to me, and it so dang funny. Not a lot of creativity coming from these movie makers, or Mr. Sparks it seems, but I guess the box office dollars keep rolling in, so why mess with success?!?

This week, I dedicated myself to working out EVERY day this week Sunday through Sunday, and so far so good! I've booked a lot of workout dates with other people, so that is really helping, having a workout buddy makes SUCH a difference. I took a buddy to spin class, met another for a run and tonight Ben and I headed to the gym together. We had planned to do a kickboxing class, but the teacher was late, and rude... I won't go into details, so anyway, I did the elliptical and then stepped on this evil machine:
Oh man, what a workout, I don't sweat a lot, but I was dripping, front of my shirt soaked through. The stair climber gets me every time, if you need to pump up your cardio, check it out!

Also, an update from our Pop Chips contest winner Amy!! Here she is with her winnings:

Now, I don't condone that University of Iowa shirt (I'm a Gopher through and through!), but I'm so pumped for Amy and her winnings. The good people at Pop Chips did better than they said, and sent her a whole CASE of snack size bags of chips in different flavors, YUM!

I'm thinking it may be time for another yummy give away in the near future, stay tuned!

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