Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm coming to you as a 30 year old woman. In the two weeks I've been MIA, I've had good reason to be MIA, as it has been craaaazy. We had family at our place the end of June, including my adorable three month old nephew and two year old niece. Besides spending some great time together, we celebrated my thirtieth birthday with a trip to the National Zoo, Lunch at Redwood in downtown Bethesda, Maryland and dinner at my favorite restaurant in the DC area, Chef Geoffs.

Ben also surprised me with gluten free cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. They are still the best gluten free cupcakes I've ever tasted. He also surprised me with a gift card to Lululemon to finally buy myself a pair of Wunder Unders. Ahhhh!! I am so, SO excited to finally buy a pair of these. These are the pants so ass flattering that they have their own tumblr created in honor to them. Can anyone who owns a pair, or pines for a pair, recommend a certain style or color?

I was awful about taking pictures during that weekend, and during 4th of July festivities.

I did document the way my co-workers decorated my cube for my birthday.

It was hilarious to come in on a Friday morning and find these decorations.

Check out my allergy story that appeared on My Wise Mom recently. I love putting the word out there about being diagnosed with Celiac, and hopefully helping others who are suffering and this story may help them get diagnosed.

I've also found a new favorite Gluten Free Snack Bar from Van's Natural Foods, that I actually spotted at Target of all places! Great to be able to to find them at a "normal" store that I regularly go to, instead of having to make a trip to a specialty store.

These are really delicious, a great snack at work, and only four Weight Watchers Points.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, I have an update on my post baby weight loss situation that I'll write about next week. The good, the bad, and the ugly, and what it's taken to try and lose the 50 lbs I gained while pregnant.

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