Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back with a little extra baggage

Hello loyal readers. I've taken a hiatus that wasn't planned, it just happened. I've enjoyed a breath of fresh air, and am ready to connect with you all again on the interwebs.

The biggest reason the hiatus started was because, I found out I was pregnant! I didn't know how to write about running, when running has become impossible for me while pregnant, or healthy eating, both of which I normally write about on here, when I could barely keep down anything for eight weeks and was living on crackers, ice cream and ginger ale.

But now that I'm at 21 weeks (due Nov. 1) and the morning sickness has subsided, I'm ready to blog again.

I also wasn't sure how I would handle parenthood on the interwebs because so many people are judgmental of other moms online, and frankly, I could give a crap what anyone else thinks of how I'm going to parent. If I want someone's advice, I'll ask for it.

That said, I also had to think about my baby's exposure on the internet. I chose to have a presence on the web, not them, therefore, I want to keep them somewhat anonymous, as it wasn't their choice to have an outspoken mother. Sure, there may be random pictures, or a mention of their name (still trying to decide if I will tell their real name on here once they are born, or give a little nick name to maintain anonymity like some people do, like Liz and her "baby goat."

Anyway, I'm still trying to be healthy now. Taking walks, doing  yoga, eating healthy (ish), but still enjoying what my body is craving. So, although a big focus of this blog will become my pregnancy and prepping for baby, as that's the biggest part of my life right now, it will also still be me, being me, as I've never wanted to be a person who loses their entire identity in their child.

Also, I won't be posting "bump" pics. There may be pictures of me on here that relate to posts where I happen to be pregnant, but unless you're putting pictures up of the progress of your bloated vs. unbloated abdomen, you don't need to see mine. Plus, besides parents, grandparents, close friends, etc, who really freaking cares how my stomach area looks? When women put pictures like that up, I want to say, "oh, you got wide in the middle while you were pregnant?! What a concept!"

Anyway, glad to be back!

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LutherLiz said...

You are so feisty. I love it!

Cassie said...

Yah! congrats to you and your family! I am due Sept 25th, and while I am blogging about my pregnancy, I still haven't decided if that will include sharing my child(ren) with the blogging world...