Monday, July 25, 2011

Trying to fit it all in

As stated previously, things have been crazy, busy lately. This weekend, both Ben and I were home and tried to fit in time together, time to get things done, and also time with friends-- oh and time for a workout too.

Friday night consisted of a craft night at Ben's cousin Annie's house. I am notoriously NOT crafty, but she helped me make this beauty.

My flower pin, made with love, and many mistakes

Somehow Annie got me to use the fabric cutter, and I didn't end up in the ER with stitches.

She was a great teacher to all of us, and even made her own beautiful flower pin that I will never be able to match in beauty!

Annie, surveying the other, more craft worthy, attendees

The hostess and her handy work

Thanks to these lovely ladies, I was about to get in a seven mile, very humid, and therefore very challenging for this asthmatic, run on Saturday morning bright and early.

Me, Jen, and Jen

Thank goodness we did our run when we did. Literally as I drove out of the parking lot to go home, and huge roll of thunder sounded and the the hazy clouds became dark and ominous, bringing on a big storm.

Then, I was able to attend my college friend Nina's wedding with the gals I went to Journalism School with. It was so great to have the five of us together, as this only happens maybe twice a year if we're lucky.

Jenna, Nina, Me, Molly & Sarah

It was a beautiful wedding, and the first Jewish wedding (with some Christianity mixed in to boot) that I've ever attended. I finally was able to see the breaking of the glass, the chair dance and many other traditions.

Sunday morning, Ben and I met his cousin Annette for breakfast at one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities, the Highland Grill. If you ever are looking for a breakfast place in the Twin Cities area, be sure to go to one of their many "Grill" locations; I've never had a bad experience with their breakfast menu.

Following breakfast, I had a large to-do list, but was SO glad I made time to head over to my pal Cindy's pool and hang out with she, Amanda and Jen.

Amanda, Me, Jen & Cindy

The couple of hours relaxing by the pool were exactly the relaxation I needed. I got a little bit of color, some much needed gab time, and was able to decompress before I hit the ground running on the errands, cleaning, laundry and cooking that the rest of the day entailed.

I also decided this weekend I'm going to be taking part in Jen's New Rules of Lifting for Women group workouts, check it out! I've heard great things about this book, and it's results and found a really cheap used (but said to be "like new") copy on Amazon. If you're interested, comment on Jen's post and get the book!

How was your weekend??


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