Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fashion Finds

Lately, bloggers have been talking about their summer fashions, and it has my creative juices flowing. I love fashion, I'm not always the best at creating an outfit, but God bless it, I LOVE it.

Recently, Tracy from Sellabit Mum did a great post on recent finds that she's wearing to an upcoming blogger conference. And, I also found this awesome blog, J's Everyday Fashion, that puts together outfits from stores that everyday people can afford.

My staple this summer has been this easy, cute, cotton Kimono dress from Target. I had a dress like this from Nordstrom last summer, but something about the way this one is cut, it fits and feels great, better than the other. I usually wear it with a black tank underneath, but it's great for car or air travel because it's comfortable, and you can still show up to feeling like you didn't just roll out of a hot car, or stuffy airplane.

I've also found some great stuff on the Gap Clearance rack this summer, including this dress for work.

And let me tell you, when I bought this it wasn't freaking $45 dollars like it is online. With 40% off clearance, I got it for a whopping TWELVE DOLLARS. That's right, 12 bucks! I felt like it was a real steal (and it was!) I highly recommend Gap's clearance racks right now.

I'm a lover of dresses in general in summer, sure you may have to shave your legs more, but the easy, one piece outfit, is where it's at. Plus, in the freezing Minnesota climate wearing dresses, even with tights, in the winter is not an option most days.

And, if you really love a deal, and are looking for fall items, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on now until August 1. I pretty much consider this sale a national holiday. This year I bought a few cute things (scarf, costume jewelery, basic black top, perfume, etc.), but nothing major, but I love the great deals that this sale includes!


lisa said...

Love both the target and GAP dress. What steals!

Mallory @ It's Only Life said...

Adorable find. I bet the Gap dress would look cute with a thick brown or black belt around the waist!