Monday, February 21, 2011

A Weekend of Discoveries

This weekend I went to Kansas City, Missouri to visit my brother Nathan, his wife Jessica and my nephew Andrew for my brother's birthday and before he deploys in about a month. My parents also drove down from Wisconsin, so it was a great weekend with all of us together.

I discovered this weekend, that despite only being 430 some odd miles from Minneaapolis, Kansas City sure is a lot warmer. I left the Twin Cities at 20 degrees, and arrived in Kansas City to nearly 60 degrees.

Andrew and I enjoying the sunshine

I also found that my sister-in-law is trying to get more into running and exercising. She has a goal of completing a 5K in the near future. So, we went to a near by running store to get her fitted for proper shoes. They had a very cool camera set up so they could analyze the way you run, and get the right shoe for you.

Jessica's feet being analyzed

This was all very exhausting for Andrew

She also got her first foam roller for her IT band issues, and I assured her, it would change her life!

This weekend, Jessica and I also helped my mom discover Ann Taylor Loft! We all found so many great things, Jessica and I both got this cute tunic in navy blue. I also got this tank top in gray to wear with blazers and sweaters, the ruffles make it super flattering.

Due to the foot+ of snow that was forecast to hit the Twin Cities Sunday, I had to leave on an early Sunday morning flight out of Kansas City, much earlier than I had originally booked. It's a good thing I did too, because all other flights that day to Minneapolis out of Kansas City were canceled.

I also discovered that you can actually find relatively healthy food to keep you full in the airport. Although I had packed snacks, and eaten some oatmeal before I left, I was in need of substance, and I found this, perfect!

We had a bumpy ride into MSP, and when I arrived the snow was falling in huge, blowing chunks. Ben picked me up from the airport with Cooper, and the roads were already horrible.

Snowy drive home

Later that afternoon, having no staples to make lunch, and no gumption to go grocery shopping, we decided to hit up Chipotle, and I discovered they now sell mini bags of chips because of their kid's meals. Perfect for when you're craving chips, but don't want to OD on the salty goodness of a huge bag of them.

This mini bag runs $.80 plus tax

I've also recently discovered my love for skinny black pants, and that it's an art to find great ones. That you have to find ones that don't have too much stretch, and ones that don't make you lay down on your bed to zip them up. So far, my favorites are The Really Skinny Pants in True Black from Gap and the Jolt Double Button Skinny Pants from Nordstrom.

I bought them both in my same size as regular pants. I've found that a lot of people buy skinny jeans and pants a size higher, thinking they need too, but then when the pants stretch you're left with baggy excess material in the crotch and butt, and it just looks and feesl awful!

Also, the Gap offers different lengths, so if your height and weight don't match up to the national average that they size things at, you're in luck. Nordstrom shortened my Jolt pants for free, as I found out they offer free alterations on all regular priced items. The Gap, also often has coupons for regular priced items or discount plus days for on sale items that could make these pants a steal.

Did you discover anything new and fun this weekend? It's the little things like all of these that get me excited and keep life interesting. =)


tracy said...

Oh I love this post. What a fun time with family - and shopping too. xoxo

Ann said...

sounds like you had a great weekend, and I'm glad you made it back safely!!

Sarah said...

I'm gonna have to try out the skinny pants. Agree--so hard to find just the right ones.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I haven't gotten on the skinny pants bandwagon yet. I do need to get more pants but just never seem to go shopping. This weekend, I learned that I have a serious love for roasted vegetable ciabatta sandwich!

Anne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Loft and I'm heading there this weekend to pick up you're items :) Thanks for the tip!

Did you do the running video as well? I had that done a few years ago and now will wear a skirt in all my races as my peace offering for those that have to run behind me and see me run from behind :)

I also found a great pair of skinny pants at Target of all places. They are Converse and are black "cord" pants.

alfink said...

Aww! Looks like you had a good time with family. Little Andrew is so cute. We need to get together after this snow dissapears! Emma misses you.