Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Pictures

I know it's been awhile..over a year in fact. And if you check out the pictures below, you'll see a few things have changed, or should I say multiplied. Our family grew times two with the birth of our twins Sydney and Laine on June 21.  Blogging fell by the wayside with the demands of a full-time job outside the home, full-time job at home, and spending half the year making sure I cooked two healthy girls while my body slowly became a giant, aching, incubator.

But now we're a family of six, living in one of the most expensive regions in the United States. So people keep asking me, how do you do it? How do both you and your husband work outside the home, have four kids in childcare, still get in your workouts, date nights, and keep sane?

Short answer: We don't.

Long answer: We're thrifty, not cheap, but thrifty.

I know money is sensitive subject, but it's something we all deal with. However, i'm not here to tell you how to manage your money, because managing my own is hard enough.

But, as I get back to regular blogging, I will be focusing more on the tips and tricks that can help families save money, and the little things we do to find a better deal and save both time and money and enjoy our family of six at the same time.

So stay tuned, I may not blog often, but it's my hope to get over here at least every few weeks and share my tips, and hear some from you as well!

Last picture as a family of four

Happy Father's Day!
Bringing the girls home from the hospital
Sydney and Laine's Baptism
Halloween at just over four months

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