Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nine Months In vs. Nine Months Out: Baby Weight Loss Update

Today marks nine months since Everett came into our lives. Nine months old is always seen as significant in my eyes, because that's how long it takes for your baby to grow inside of you and your body to change in preparation for their birth, so how does your baby grow and your body adapt to "normal" life after their birth?

On Everett's side of things, he is growing beautifully. He loves table food, and is an eating machine.

He wants to crawl very badly, and babbles a lot.


He is still not the best sleeper, but a vast improvement from a few months ago before he had ear tubes (Long story short: he had constant fluid on his ears and was in pain while laying down, thus making sleep in his crib very difficult. Thank goodness for the Rock and Play Sleeper!!)

He has the sweetest laugh and we are so fortunate to have such a loving and strong little boy!

On my end, dare I say it, that I'm below my pre-baby weight?! I started out right at 150 pounds even when I got pregnant, I topped out at 198 pounds at delivery and now sit at around 146 pounds depending on the day. I felt so great this pregnancy, being more active and eating better, but still packed on nearly as much weight as last time.

34+ Weeks and Getting In a Workout

I am very happy with where my body stands today, but I am for sure still not perfect by any means. As I've said before, there are parts of my body that will never be the same. EVER. Stretch marks that no cream during or after pregnancy can fix, and the way things lay is just not the same as pre-children.

I give credit for helping me be healthy to a lot of food planning and Weight Watchers.

I try to pack my lunches for work on Sunday, so that I can have an easy grab and go during the week and no excuse to eat out. I also really don't have time to eat out while I'm in the office, so I need to pack a lunch out of that necessity as well.
Recent Lunch Packing, but no, this is not all I ate at work that day or I would be starving!
I also try to cook ahead when I can, browning meat and chopping veggies, or using a freezer meal I've made ahead of time.

I love being active, so that really helps. Although I constantly remind myself that you can't out run a bad diet, and that it's 80% food, 20% workouts.

I workout two days a week during my lunch break at work (kudos for office wellness programs that offer a free gym and free classes, it makes me love coming to the office). I also run two-three days a week. The workouts are the best endorphin high, and give me a chance to catch up with friends, so that makes them even more motivating to complete.

Recent Pre-Run Group Photo, Courtesy of Deb Runs
So there you have it, the bottom line is, I feel good, and that's all that matters. And when I say I "feel good," I mean as good as a person who is constantly a couple hours short on sleep for the week, a few home projects behind and trying my best to not always be 15 minutes late...but talk to me about all that in about 20 years! ;)

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Deb Runs said...

You are exactly right about weight loss being about 80% what you eat and 20% calories burned. I wish more of my clients remembered that!

Anonymous said...

You look great Alexa! Best wishes to you and your family! Some healthy food inspiration