Friday, February 6, 2015

Losing the Baby Weight, Part Two

I realized I have yet to update you guys on my work to lose the baby weight I gained during my pregnancy with Everett. The posts that I get the most "hits" on, and get e-mail responses in regards to are always about either Celiac, or baby weight loss, so I thought it only fair to keep them coming!

First, to look back, here's a recap of my weight loss after having Austin.

With my pregnancy with Everett I gained 48 pounds. So, two fewer pounds than I gained with Austin, small victories, yay! I felt so much better this pregnancy though, and moved more, ate better (but still not always great) and have felt the weight has in general come off easier. Even though I knew how long it took to feel more like "me" again weight wise after Austin, I've been harder on myself this time, wanting to lose every ounce of weight and get back into my old clothes NOW.

One Week Postpartum. Yes, I still looked that pregnant then
I started counting calories using My Fitness Pal around ten weeks postpartum. I needed a way to remind myself that four handfuls of trailmix is not power food anymore, it's gluttony, and that cookies are not the only snacks. Like always, I need accountablity and porition control monitoring in order to lose weight since weight loss for me is like it is for a lot of people, 80% what I eat, 20% exercise.

My Fitness Pal was a really helpful tool, and I loved that it synced with my FitBit for activity tracking. I did see a dip in my breast milk supply when I started counting calories, but was okay with it, because I needed to put me first in this aspect of my life, and we had to start giving Everett a formula bottle before bed anyway to help him sleep longer stretches for my sanity in that realm as well.
The boys who inspire me to stay healthy, and were worth every pound of pregnancy weight
Recently, I've been struggling with that last 7-8 pounds--I swear it's stuck to me like glue! So, I decided to rejoin my old stand by, Weight Watchers. I felt I needed to carb/protein/fiber ratio for my tracking, rather than just calories, to really kick the extra pounds to the curb. The nice thing about Weight Watchers. is that is also adds extra points to your plan if you are nursing, where as My Fitness Pal does not, so I had to account about 300 extra calories a day when I was using My Fitness Pal.

Right now, I am SO close to fitting into my old pants. I can put on one pair of jeans that have stretch in them, but most of my other jeans I still feel like a stuffed sausage in, and I don't want to stretch them out either, and then have them look frumpy when I can wear them everyday.

I've also realized how much I need a good closet revamp after being pregnant so often lately. So, I did take the leap and join Stitch Fix, like I mentioned in my last post. I know it can be pricy, even at their cheapest option, but my hope is to try it for a few months and get a few good signature pieces (like work pants, I REALLY need black work pants, I finally donated the ones I had from senior year of college).

I'd also like to set up some time with someone at Nordstrom and have them help me pick out a good pair of jeans that fits with my body. I've decided once I lose all the weight, and have kept it off for six weeks, I'll be doing this for myself as a reward.

So, stay tuned as I test the waters of my sanity while working full time, raising two kids and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be at a happy weight!

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