Thursday, September 26, 2013


There has been a lot of this, and a little of that around here lately. Nothing enough to dedicate a post, filling you in on all of it one big catch up post!

I completed a couple of 5K fun runs lately. First, the Dulles Day 5K with Ben where we ran on a runway at Dulles Airport a couple weeks back. It was a great run on a flat and seamless surface (that's what happens when you get to run on an airport runway!), perfect fall crisp air for running, and a little morning date with just him and I.


I don't really keep track of my times often, but I believe I achieved a personal best at this race thanks in part to the awesome conditions.

 Post Race

I also ran The Color Run with my friend Kristin last weekend. Run would be a liberal term, because we walk/jogged most of it. It's not a race you can really run for competition, but a lot of fun, and had beautiful scenery at the National Harbor near DC. I had never been to that area, and now want to go back with the family. It was great to a girls morning with Kristin that was also some exercise.

On Beautiful National Harbor

I attended a Container Store Grand Opening Preview Party last week. The organization freak in me was loving walking around, checking out different ideas for organizing our life (I always feel like there is clutter in our house, no matter how much I work to eliminate it). The event wasn't for shopping, but browsing, had a large jazz band, and heavy drinks and appetizers. The folks at Container Store were very generous with the food and drink spread, and I loved how they incorporated their organization products into serving dishes.

Mail Organizers Full of Apps!

In the kitchen, I've been in a bit of a recipe rut, but using a few staple recipes I really enjoy. Including these ones:
**I substitute many items in recipes to make them gluten free, if you have questions on how I do it, let me know, happy to help!

I did try one new recipe recently, for Quinoa Cakes with a Black Bean Salsa, yum!

Quinoa Cakes and Black Bean Salsa

I recommend pairing the Quinoa Cakes with a small chicken breast or hearty salad on the side to make it a full, filling meal.

I'm prepping for a large fall shopping trip in the next few weeks. I haven't refreshed my closet, besides a few items from Target, in what feels like forever. So, I'm taking an afternoon to just go shopping alone, and pick up some fall and winter staples. It may be dorky to say--but I am SO excited!! I've been bookmarking items online to checkout when I'm at the stores--and I just cannot wait to do some focused power shopping.

I'm most psyched to go to a store, and have someone help me find the perfect pair of jeans. I have a few pair that fit me well, but not great, post-baby, and I want a pair I can feel confident wearing with anything. Shouldn't everyone have one pair of jeans like that?? The challenge will be finding a pair that fit in my budget, as well as feel and look great.

Any recommendations on clothing items, shoes or accessories you've purchased lately that you just love? I'd love any tips!

And I'll fill you all in on my purchases after they're made, expect a lot of awkward selfies. =)

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Lynne said...

I'm borrowing some of these recipes for the upcoming weeks.
I'm jealous of your shopping trip - have fun and I hope you find some good stuff.