Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clean Eating

Celiac Disease has thrown my healthiness pattern into a spiral like I never thought it would. I thought once I received my diagnosis, life would be on it's merry way, and things would be easy, not so much.

Having always been at a pretty steady weight (if you remember, my weight gain was the reason I went in to be tested for Celiac in the first place), my weight is now a yo yo of 5-10 pounds depending on the day. It's SO frustrating. Pants that fit perfect last week, now are painful to wear this weekend. Dresses that I bought because I like how they hugged my curves, then hang off of me the next time I try to wear them.

I've been reading a lot about people who have suffered similar symptoms post diagnosis. First, they'll lose some weight from the lack of bloating due to cutting gluten out of their diet, but then keep putting on weight, or not able to lose at all. Most studies attribute this to:
  1. Newly diagnosed Celiacs eating larger portions, because they were acustomed to eating large portions prior to diagnosis to stay full since they weren't absorbing all the nutrients and were thus, malnourished.
  2. Increase sugars and fats that are put in Gluten Free "substitute foods" to create flavor
Both seemed to make sense for me, so this week, I've decided to try and make a conscious effort to "eat clean." I always feel like I'm trying to do this anyway, eating things that are naturally Gluten Free, not manufactured this way, like lean meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. But, I do tend to grab Gluten Free frozen meals, snack bars, etc. when I'm in a hurry. I mean, think about it, should I eat that half a Protein Luna Bar before a run, or an apple? No, Luna Bars aren't bad for you, but isn't an apple a better, less caloric, choice?

So, with the guidance from Mary at Fit This Girl's clean eating (I don't intend to go for her results, just using her as a good guide), I'm going for it!

For instance, today's "clean" lunch:

Grilled Chicken Breast, Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Fries and Homemade Guacamole

I also made these frozen treats last night that chef Katie Lee published recently where you mix plain, 0% Greek yogurt, a few squirts of honey and fresh cherries and freeze them in a few containers for an after dinner sweet snack.

Fresh sliced cherries, 0% Plain Greek Yogurt and Honey

This eating does take planning ahead, but I look forward to it, and how much more in control of my body I feel when I do eat this way. I know it will be difficult in the coming weeks as I move, but this whole initiative will help me be more conscious about what I'm putting in my mouth, and that it needs to be for my body's ultimate nourishment, not just to get full.


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I'm a newly diagnosed celiac who has gained weight (30 lbs) before being diagnosed. I can't tell you what a comfort it is to me to find someone else!

I've only been gluten-free for a couple weeks and it's a challenge for me to start cutting back on calories and eating how I should to lose the weight. I'm going to try to focus on eating clean too.

Alexa said...


I'm glad we've found each other on this journey then! Honestly, before yesterday, I felt like I was the only one dealing with this until I did some research. Do you follow the Savvy Celiac? If you like her on facebook it's the discussion topic today, some good points being brought up!